No Red Lights: Hockey: Cont... Part II: Don't Step Back Too Far! - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Cont... Part II: Don't Step Back Too Far!

In a continuation from the earlier post...
"that everything in boxing is backwards"
There are a lot of far-reaching similarities I could draw from this part of the quote (goalies try to stop pucks, while their team tries to score; the goalie moves into pucks, while common sense would say pull away, etc.). But the biggest similarity lies in the movement. There are two functions of goalie movement 1) body weight in movement and 2) non-movement.

First, moving in boxing is the same as moving as a goalie. For a boxer to move left, they must push off with their right foot. The same goes for goalies. To shuffle left, a goalie must push with their right foot (i.e. move their body weight to their right foot). And to make a leg save on the right side, the goalie must have their weight on their left leg before transferring their weight.

"sometimes the best way to deliver a punch is to step back..."

Just like the example in the quote, the second function of goalie movement also bears similarities.  Sometimes the best move for a goalie to make is to not make one. The Quebecois style of goaltending does a great job of illustrating this. The style plays the percentages by covering the most amount of net (by being on angle and not giving up holes) and by making the shooter make the harder shot (only giving up corners or forcing the shooter to make a pass). The style essentially cuts down on inefficiencies by only moving when absolutely necessary.

"But step back too far and you ain't fighting at all."

And the last part of the quote perfectly describes the fine line between "blocky" vs reaction goalies; butterfly vs. stand-up style; and methodical vs. athletic. There is a line where a goalie must be quick, have great reactions and make that desperation save. If you play too much into the "maybe if I don't move, the puck will hit me" mode, then you are not being a goalie... you're actually being a target. And this is the hardest part about being a goalie -- being able to make quick, reaction decisions while not making the situation harder on yourself. What I mean by that last part is sometimes, the best move is to not move. But not moving in and of itself will not always work. It is this split second, in the moment, gut-reaction instinct that makes me love this position :)

In the next post,  I will continue with explosiveness motif -- next up: the T-Push. The move with the biggest revival!