No Red Lights: Hockey: Mar 3, 2009: NHL Saves of the Week - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Mar 3, 2009: NHL Saves of the Week

10. What is kind of impressive on the first save is Volkoun's initial reaction. On the first deke, he starts to bring his right knee down to the ice as if he was either going into a pad stack to the left (although he could have been moving into a butterfly slide to the right). He has to make this desperation, "spread eagle" save because of that initial movement. The forward thinks that Volkoun is going to the right and therefore tries to the opposite direction and slide the puck into an open net. But because of his good sense of balance, Volkoun is able to transfer his weight enough

5. Besides the fact that the Flyers should have scored on this one, the leg movement by Theodore is very impressive. Notice how his moves are very succinct. He does not make any unnecessary movements and has his body weight centered the whole time, which allows him to make a great kick save. Also important to note is how squared to the puck he is when making the kick save. He does not have to move laterally in order to be square. Rather, he turns his shoulders and hips only, and this allows him to make a quick kick save with his left leg.

1. This might be the fastest glove save I've ever seen. It even looks fast in slow motion! This save is not only impressive for the goalie's glove speed but also for his concentration. He must watch the puck as it travels through the crease, essentially turning his head 180 degrees in order to follow the puck. Tracking the puck is half the battle.

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