No Red Lights: Hockey: Goalie Agility And Coordination Drills - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Goalie Agility And Coordination Drills

I just found this great clip of goalie-specific off-ice drills. Really good stuff. In the last decade, off-ice goalie drills have become much more focused on not just agility and strength, but foot-eye coordination and balance. The majority of a goalie's time is spent make short, quick movements that require even balance in order to react faster. These drills test that and more!

Pay close attention to the dot drills. The foot-eye coordination is the same as that on the ice (even though it's tough to see in pads). The goalie must rotate their hips and shoulders quickly and in only a few movements in order to move across the crease. Working on creating this efficient movement means quicker transitions and lateral movements on the ice.