No Red Lights: Hockey: Modern Revival of the T-Push - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Modern Revival of the T-Push

One of the biggest revivals in goaltending skating has been the re-emergence (and domination) of the T-push. As early as 10 years ago, the T-push was a dying breed. There were strong arguments that a goalie could move by shuffle alone. Two ideas were at work here:

1) that the goalie should never be so far out of position as to warrant a T-push (which was only used to travel long distances);
2) that while you are pushing, your hips are not square to the puck (which is never a good thing).

But I argue the positives of the T-push far outweigh this negative. It is all in how the T-Push is used.

T-pushes, traditionally, were only used for cross-ice passes or making a desperate save across the crease. But through a shift in how the T-push is taught has resurrected the move, so much that it could arguably be more often used than the common shuffle.
The difference is the mindset of implementing the T-push. The T-push is no longer used for long moves. It is actually best suited for shorter moves. I try to tell my goalies that the T-push should be no longer than double your shoulder-width (as measured from the foot you push off with to the foot you stop with). Essentially, the goalie moves the same distance as if they took a shoulder width step sideways. Making the T-push a shorter move accomplishes two main objectives: a) it moves the goalie to the position faster (a T-push is a much stronger move than the shuffle); and b) it gives the goaltender better control. The goalie is then able to switch directions easier because they aren't thinking of using such a lengthy move, and they return to a distributed balance point, allowing them to change directions faster.

For any of those disbelievers out there, check out these NHL goalies: Luongo, Huet, Price and Fleury. They all effectively use the T-push to cover short distances, and sometimes rarely use the shuffle. I will try to find some good clips of the T-push at work.

Hope everyone's season is going well! All the best,