No Red Lights: Hockey: Jan 13th - NHL Saves of the Week - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Jan 13th - NHL Saves of the Week

There are two golden rules of goaltending that I think this week's Saves of the Week exemplify.

First, that forwards are fairly predictable. Look at Saves #3 and #2. The goalie gets their stick right on the ice and goes straight to the post. The whole focus is on getting to the post as fast as possible because there is no doubt -- that is where the forward is going. This golden rule is use your intuition! Reactions are the most important aspect of goaltending and using them in combination with the predictability of forwards can lead to some amazing saves.

My second golden rule is probably the most important rule in all of goaltending (and in all of sports)... NEVER GIVE UP!! Save #1 is all about never giving up even when you think you are beat. Even when you're a long shot to make the save, if you make that save, you not only have one to remember but can also give your team a boost or be seen by that scout in the stands. To never give up is what it means to be a competitor -- and some of the best goalies may not have been technically the best or most athletic, but they succeed because of their determination to never let a puck pass that red line.