No Red Lights: Hockey: The Low Down: [4/15] Playoff Matchups - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

The Low Down: [4/15] Playoff Matchups

In the spirit of playoff hockey - the best hockey around - I will outline the goalie match-ups of the night. The first round of playoffs starts with a few interesting matchups.

[4/15] Wednesday Games:
Lundqvist (NYR) vs. Theodore (WAS) [7pm]
- Most hockey analysts will tell you that this matchup is a no-brainer. Lundqvist has Theodore dominated. After starting the season on a hot streak, Lunqvist cooled off after Christmas... I guess his back must have hurt from holding up the Rangers. Even during the Ranger's slump, Lundqvist continued his high play even if it wasn't producing wins (you can't win, if you don't score). Theodore, on the other hand, has had the offensive power in front of him, which lead him to a solid 30+ win season. Even though his play was erratic this year, he still has the skills to steal a game. If both netminders are on top of their game, look at this match up to produce some ESPN highlight reels.

Biron (PHL) Vs. Fleury (PIT) [7pm]
This is probably one of my most anticipated goalie match ups of the first round. Biron had a breakout year last season and has had streaks of brilliance this season. He is capable of a solid performance and also has next year's contract hanging in the balance. Fleury on the other hand has proven himself to be amongst the NHL's top goalies. His quickness and agility make him tough to score against, and after making it to the Finals last year, expect him to be focused on repeating last year's performance.

Ward (CAR) vs. Brodeur (NJ) [7:30pm]
This match up pits two Cup winners, who are on recent hot streaks, against each other. Expect this series to be the Tale of Two Goalies as the series pits the Old School Brodeur against the still-young and energized Ward. Even though Brodeur may be amongst the top three goalies of all time (I still can't come to grips that Sawchuk and Roy may be ousted), I am biased against Brodeur (going back to the old Richter v. Brodeur years). I think Ward and the red-hot 'Canes will take it in 6 games.

C. Mason (STL) vs Luongo (VAN) [10pm]
For the late game, I must confess; I have not seen many West coast games this year. Luongo has been streaky this year, but when you have a 3 shutout streak, it's not necessarily a bad thing. With the rest of his squad coming together, Vancouver is again a power house in the West. It is great to see St. Louis back in the playoffs again. Since the days of Grant Fuhr, St. Louis has not been a consistent Playoff participant. All the best to Chris Mason, who continues to make Playoff appearences even in a different environment.