No Red Lights: Hockey: Mar 10, 2009: NHL Saves of the Week - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Mar 10, 2009: NHL Saves of the Week

9. I love how the BlueJackets goalie (Mason?) plants his right foot so that he is able to control and shift his body weight, which allows him to fully extend his left leg. Great flexibility, great edge control!

8/7. Both of these saves are equally impressive because of the number of moves the goalies make. Lehotonan not only goes into a butterfly kick save, but also follows his rebound to make a second kick save and also gobbles up that rebound. Turco's recoveries are equally as impressive when he goes into a butterfly, power slides to his right, and then pad stacks (yes!) only to make a beautiful glove save. Great progressions by both goalies.

1. How can you not love the superman?!? Do take note on how the goalie (I can't tell if it's Kipper or not) dives laterally across the net, instead of backwards. By maintaining an aggressive depth in the net, he is able to make an unbelievable save.

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