No Red Lights: Hockey: The Low Down: [4/16] Playoff Match Ups - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

The Low Down: [4/16] Playoff Match Ups

S. Mason (CBJ) vs. Osgood (DET) [7pm]
The breakout goalie of the year faces off against one of the most seasoned  playoff goalies (Brodeur might be the only other goalie with more experience this year).  Given the fire power of Detroit, this should be one a fun series to watch. Unless this is an upset, I think Detroit takes this but only after dropping a few games. If Osgood can't regain his past post-season form, I think the rookie may carry his regular season confidence into the playoffs.

Price (MTL) vs. Thomas (BOS) [7pm]
After spending a year living in Montreal, I have complete respect for any player in that franchise. In terms of its hockey culture, it is an amazing place. Little old ladies at the local Tim Hortons will debate the potential of the newest call-up, citing his Junior's playoff performance as an indication of his mental toughness. These people know their hockey and that's just a special place to live. But because of this, Montreal also becomes a tough place to play (because those same little old ladies will be the first to cut you down to size). So for better or for worse, Montreal is a great hockey town. Go Habs.  This is hands down going to be the best series of the first round - even if a sweep occurs, these two teams will lay it all out there.

Kiprusoff (CGY) vs. Khabibulin (CHI) [8:30pm]
As a tried and true Tampa Bay fan, I cannot help but cheer on the Bulin Wall. It's been great to see him breakthrough the backup role and gain his rightful starting spot. This will also be a fun series to watch as Calgary has the playoff experience and a strong team from top to bottom.  Chicago on the other hand has one of the youngest and most exciting lineups of talented forwards maybe in the league (although Boston definitely challenges that point). I think Chicago takes this series even though they are inexperienced in the playoffs. They are just too talented and Khabibulin knows how to bail out a team in the post-season.

Giguere/Hiller (ANA) vs. Nabokov (SJ) [10:30pm]
Even with the best attempts by Anaheim coach Carlyle, Giguere has not snapped out of his streaky funk to find a rhythm. Normally, I would say that proven goaltenders will eventually find their way but after 50 games, if you have not returned to your normal play - I say go with the hot goalie: Hiller. He's proven to be incredibly reliable during the season with a very solid GAA and ~91-92 Save %. But all of this probably won't mean a thing... San Jose and Nabokov will roll over Anaheim. It will just happen. I predict that no matter how well Hiller plays, Giguere will see some ice time this playoff season. I don't think the rotating goalie practice will be successful for Anaheim.