No Red Lights: Hockey: The Low Down: [4/17] Playoff Match Ups - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

The Low Down: [4/17] Playoff Match Ups

Biron (PHL) Vs. Fleury (PIT) [7pm]
I was expecting a bit more out of Biron in the first game. Ok, sure... Pittsburgh has the President's Trophy co-winner and the best playmaker in the NHL, but I think Biron is up to the challenge. The big liability is the Flyer's penalties and their momentuum. They have just been so-so in the last few weeks; not nearly playing to their potential. It is my hope that this becomes a good series; that the Flyers stick it to Pittsburgh in Game 2 and not that the Pens repeat last year's playoff sweep performance(s).

Ward (CAR) vs. Brodeur (NJ) [7:30pm]
A surprisingly dominant win by the Devils, but it must not have been a surprise to Brodeur. There is a reason why he is so close to overcoming Roy's Playoff shutout record of 23 SO's. I do love the enthusiasm of the goalie dual, which I'm sure will get more heated as the series progresses. Even the fans were loving it:

The crowd of 17,625 started chanting "Cam Ward! Cam Ward!" repeatedly and then switched to "Marty is better!" a couple of minutes later. (Canavan 2009).

Look for Ward to breakout a solid performance and for this series to turn into a goalie duel. With two solid teams in NJ and Carolina, the goalies may just be the deciding factor.

C. Mason (STL) vs Luongo (VAN) [10pm]
This score is more what I was expecting from this year's playoff matches. A close, well fought battle where tensions are high, and the game rests on a few shots (and some miraculous saves). I expect a bit more higher scoring in the rest of the series especially given Vancouver's top forwards and St. Louis' offensive threats. But I'm not sure that St. Louis has a deep enough forward roster to really put up huge numbers against the rock-solid Luongo.

Canavan, Tom. AP Sports Writer. "Parise has goal, assist in Devils' win over Canes." 16 Apr 2009.