No Red Lights: Hockey: The Low Down: [4/18] Playoff Match Ups - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

The Low Down: [4/18] Playoff Match Ups

Lundqvist (NYR) vs. Varlamov (WAS) [1pm]
Today's game was a bit more of what I expected in his series. Lundqvist was spectacular; this is his environment: tournament play. Even against the most offensive team in the East, arguably of course, he blanks them shot after shot. It was a really gutsy but effective move by the Cap's coach in putting Varlamov in the net. He held his own, showed great focus and strong composure in his first playoff game.

S. Mason (CBJ) vs. Osgood (DET) [6pm]
Everyone knows that the reigning Cup champs have great fire power, but I don't think anyone was expecting this. Call it first year playoff jitters for Columbus and Mason, but I still think that this will become a good series. Columbus is capable of coming back but they will have to show a lot of maturity to steal a win from Detroit. If Osgood shows some chinks in his armour, this series will swing back towards Columbus.

Price (MTL) vs. Thomas (BOS) [8pm]
Game one was almost as expected. I was hoping to see the Canadians keep it closer. After Chara's power play goal, the game just got out of reach for the Habs. While I'd like to see a Habs victory, I don't think Price has it in him, and I expect Thomas to be even better as the series continues.

Khabibulin (CHI) vs. Kipprusof (CGY) [9pm]
What a great game last Thursday. The Bulin wall is showing signs of his 2004 run to the cup and with that kind of consistency back there, it will be very tough to beat Chicago. Calgary did look very solid in the game, and this series may be more exciting than I originally expected. I think Kipper will steal at least one win for the Flames, but the Bulin wall will stand strong.