No Red Lights: Hockey: [5/2] NHL Playoff Match Ups - Khabibulin vs. Luongo - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

[5/2] NHL Playoff Match Ups - Khabibulin vs. Luongo

Khabibulin (CHI) vs. Luongo (VAN) [9pm]
Although I did not have the time to watch the first game of this series, I was surprised at the amount of goals scored in game 1. I think I'm actually more surprised that Vancouver had as much firepower as they had. I know Chicago has some very talented forwards and that Luongo would prove a worthy opponent, but I didn't think that seven goals would be scored (not including the empty net goal).

For tonight's game, I am expecting Chicago to rebound. To have a chance in this series, they will have to even up the series before going to Chicago. Khabibulin will have to be better than 4 goals on 26 shots. In order to keep your team in there, especially in the playoffs, you have to have save at least 90% of the shots in every game; 1 in 10, that's doable.

Even though his play was better in the first round, Luongo is facing a much more offensive and opportunistic squad than St. Louis. I think the keys to his success will be in controlling the game. Chicago tends to thrive on momentum swings in the game. There are three keys to stopping a team's momentum: A) limiting the number of goals in succession, not letting in goals in B) the first 5 minutes and B) the last 5 minutes of the period will control the flow of the game. I found that when I achieved these three goals, my team carried a sense of confidence. They felt like they either controlled the game or were getting away with some sloppy play, yet still had confidence that they would come back. The only downside by controlling the game with these three keys is that it does not create urgency. Urgency is important in games. It is what changes momentum and can lead to some very impressive scoring drives.