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Neuvirth Still Needs to Deserve His Credit

Ok, I wrote this before the game started. And it looks like it still pertains :) Go Bolts.

In response to an article, which claims that Neuvirth outshined Lundqvist in the first round and is ready to carry the Caps to the finals, I can't disagree more. First, Lundqvist shined in that series. He made it a lot closer than it should have been. I do recall some (and many) low-angle goals scored by the Rangers in those games, which really brought out Neuvirth's rookie status. I was actually kind of shocked that Boudreau didn't pull him in favor of Varlamov after the Rangers began a comeback. And secondly, Neuvirth faced the Rangers in the playoffs. Not exactly a team comprised of super-star snipers (who actually produce). None of the Rangers players eclipsed 25 goals during the regular season, and their second highest scorer broke his leg right before the playoffs. A blow like that to a team that obviously lacks offensive chemistry is tough to overcome right before the playoffs.

Now this isn't to say that I think Neuvirth is going to flop. He did really well in Hershey and I think he'll eventually do fine in the NHL -- I just don't like to give credit where credit is not due. Show me. And do it against a better, more aggressive offense in the playoffs. And not even just offensively aggressive, but also a down-in-the-ditch dirty playoff series. I'm not quite sure the Lightning are capable of that, but they will definitely have a few more offensive tricks up their sleave than the Rangers.

Ps. I apologize in advance to all my diehard-Ranger-fan friends. But be honest: the Rangers strongest asset is not their scoring touch.