No Red Lights: Hockey: Just Not Miller's Time - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Just Not Miller's Time

I love Ryan Miller; he's tall, handsome, American, and rocks a killer butterfly with focused determination. So it pains me to see him being pulled at last night's game. I had a coach who would say, 'It is what it is' -- and what it is is sad. He deserved better, especially after stealing two games in the series and having to watch the Flyers goalies. Buffalo is consistently a work-hard team with a great goaltender. They always sneak into the playoffs and see how long they can hold on. Last night's game exemplified this as Buffalo's offense was non-existent. After a phenomenal 1st period, the Flyers were just too much for Miller. Sad to see him get pulled; I'm a full believer in letting goalies finish what they started (unless he's injured).

Even with all of the crazy performances by the Philly goaltending crew, I'm glad that Boucher is in net. First, the guy deserves it. Sure, he's not the most reliable goalie, but he is the most consistent-streaky goalie in the NHL. No one else has had as many shutout streaks (or some of the longest) in the league. The ability to hold down three shutouts in a row (and to have done it many times) is just damn impressive. It is a shame that he has other performances that make coaches want to not put him in, but I'm a gambling person. Secondly, he's a professional. He knows how to rebound from bad games and overcome adversity, so I think he'll get the job done. So I say "go with him." The reward is worth the risk.

And since I am a gambler, I'll make these predictions on tonight's games: The Lightning win. Just because I like them. Actually, because I don't think that Pittsburgh has the skill to generate enough offense on Roli. Lightning win 5-2 and come out in a big way. The Pens do have the playoff grit that comes from post-season experience, so I am a bit nervous. But the Lightning are starting to find their stride. 

And for the Montreal-Boston game, I think this one might be too close to call. I am a staunch believer in Timmy T. and I do love him because he's American, but I think Price has turned a corner this year and gotten to the next level. Price pulls it off with a 3-2 victory.