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Fantasy Sleeper: Jonas Hiller?

Having just suffered through this season's fantasy drafts, it is now time to reflect on the missing opportunities and the overrated. I personally like to draft for the underdog or the unsung heros. One of which was recently featured in inGoalMag - Jonas Hiller. After an injury-filled second half of the season, last year's numbers do not accurately reflect his fantasy value. Here's why: Ducks’ Hiller Nervous, Not Rusty, After Six Months Between Games - The Goalie Magazine -

This is a great article from about Hiller's comeback from vertigo -- yeah, I laughed a little too when I heard he had vertigo (not because it's not a serious condition, but because of the irony of it all. I mean, come on - if someone was to get vertigo, at least it's the person that wears enough padding to protect from the falls). But in all seriousness, with Hiller healthy now, I believe he's a big sleeper in this year's Fantasy Draft. And here's why:

Over the last 3 seasons, Hiller has been extremely consistent. Night after night, he has the ability to shut down offenses. Not necessarily in the form of a shutout, but in 1 or 2 goal games. And those are the important ones. Giving your team a chance to win every night transforms the psyche of your club. The stability that comes from their defensive end gives the offense a sense of comfort and aggressiveness. When you combine that with last year's Rocket Richard winner, and two of the best two-way forwards in Ryan and Getzlaf, the Ducks will remain a force in the West.

Look for Hiller to play the majority of the games this season, providing he stays healthy, and for him to win a lot of those games. I'd expect over 30 wins for him this season. His ability to get shutouts and to keep his GAA low will also score consistent fantasy points week after week.