No Red Lights: Hockey: Shanny's New Staring Role - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Shanny's New Staring Role

The NHL has taken some really impressive steps in the last few years to make a better business. Not just to protect their revenue streams for all their partners and better their products but also to protect their assets. The former is seen in the institution of the salary cap, revenue sharing and rules to increase scoring; and this season the latter becomes the focus with Brendan Shanahan leading the way.  I was never a Red Wings fan, but I like what their vets are doing now.

Shanahan dares to be the most hated man in hockey (after being one of the most admired) because of his new role as law enforcer. His verdicts are quick, decisive, apt and harsh (and surprisingly photogenic). So far he has no mercy for the name on the back or the front of the jersey - something which previous decisions seemed to have been lacking (remember Chara on Pacioretty?). Even though the Chara hit was not intentional in terms of running him into the glass (I believe), I think Shanny would have given Chara a few games suspension because of the resulting injuries. Whether intentional or not, contact was made to the head, and the victim had broken bones from the resulting hit. 

The Wisniewski suspension, which I think is really harsh but still appropriate, may have been a bit of a scapegoat/example for the rest of the league, but I think these intentions are necessary for the long-term health of NHL players. Shannahan also reference his past suspensions which seem to be playing a greater role in the severity of punishment. Sure, hockey is a tough guy sport, but there is a difference between being tough and being cheap. The latest moves are to protect those players who are not in the play or are completely defenseless because of their positioning. I think it's a smart move and commend Shanny for seeing past the jersey and past the politics.

On a side note though, I hope there are less videos during the year. You look good Shanny, but you also look like you've been in one too many fights (yo, Adrian! anyone?)