No Red Lights: Hockey: Video Analysis Week of Dec. 8th cont... - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Video Analysis Week of Dec. 8th cont...

In continuation of last week's NHL goalie saves:

In saves #8-5, to make these saves, the goalies go straight to their post. By almost kicking the post with the bottom of their skates, they effectively stop any attempt to "sneak" the puck behind the goalie. Once the goalie recognizes that the forward is making the move to go around the goalie or is behind the goalie, they know they are "behind the play" (i.e. the forward has you beat and can shoot the puck into an open net) and therefore need to do a quick move.

Going straight to the post is so effective because it is fast and does not require the goalie to be looking at the puck or to be squared to the puck.