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Discover Card Promotion

In an effort to help my bank account through this recession, I am blogging about the Discover Card Blog Promotion Contest. I am actually very happy with my Discover Card so I do this as a service to this great rewards card... and for the freebies :)

So here's my Discover story, it's a bit serendipitous in a way or maybe just ironic. As most college students would know, credit card companies spend a decent amount of time scouring campuses for potential new card members. It makes perfect sense; go to where the fresh and needy customers are. And I was one of those. I was victim of the infamous Sunday morning marketing call, and in my grogy state, I actually decided to talk to the marketer. It turned out to be a Discover representative, who managed to illicit enough information to open an account even though I was anything but eager.

In the end, my Discover Card has bailed me out a few tight financial situations (mostly in those college years), and I've gotten some really great rewards thanks to the double your reward program. So as my duty to the card company which I love, I gladly promote and blog about this credit card :)