No Red Lights: Hockey: The Low Down: [4/19] Goalie Playoff Match Ups - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

The Low Down: [4/19] Goalie Playoff Match Ups

Due to my own hockey games, I missed Sunday's goalie breakdown. But I will still do a bit of follow-up analysis.

[4/19] Sunday Games:
Biron (PHL) Vs. Fleury (PIT) [3pm]
This game was not about the goalie. Both goalies had their share of tough breaks and difficult shots, but it was about the fire and drive of the teams. What a fiery game! This is what I expected out of Philly: a rough and tough game where you have to give right back to them as hard as they dish it.  I hope this series gets evened up, just so that

Ward (CAR) vs. Brodeur (NJ) [7:30pm]
It is no surprise that New Jersey is ahead in this series, but at least Carolina is giving the Devils a solid game.  I didn't get to see any of this game (much like most people I believe). It is pretty sad that a solid matchup like this does not have any fan-appeal. I mean, New Jersey is practically giving away tickets to get people to come to their games. Carolina, while I think their local fan base has a solid number of puck-obsessed fans, does not draw the hype and attention that a more northern town may (with the exception of New Jersey). I hope for the sake of these town's hockey following that the series gets interesting - somehow, anyhow.

C. Mason (STL) vs Luongo (VAN) [7pm]
Vancouver is becoming the dark horse of the West. With some young stars and the unassuming Luongo, they could easily make a legitimate run for the cup. Luongo has been extremely solid, and I would not be surprised if he gets a nice shutout streak going sometime during this playoff season. He has had the support of his team's offense to take off the burden, so look to him to pick up any slack if his team has trouble finding the twine in a game or two.

Giguere/Hiller (ANA) vs. Nabokov (SJ) [10pm]
I was a bit scared at the beginning of this series; not that San Jose would choke (although that is coming true) but that Anaheim would start Giguere. There is plenty of evidence to support him in net. The guy did win the Conn Smythe... years ago. One of my big pet peeves in hockey is seeing a coach that look to past seasons (even if they are 5 years ago) to decide whether they should play a goalie or not. History is not necessarily an indicator of a goalie's ability to stop the puck today. Goalies (more so than any other player) go on hot streaks, cold streaks and out-right mental slumps. These funks are tough to deal with... when I played, I would sometimes have a 1-2 year slumps where I could not shake off the slump and return to my consistently high-play. Either way, it is nice to see the Duck's coach give a young and hot goalie his due. Hiller deserves to play this series and is rewarding the Ducks with a first round upset.

Look for the [4/20] Goalie match ups tomorrow (or late tonight if I am up to it after the Ranger's game)