No Red Lights: Hockey: Rangers vs Capitals - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Rangers vs Capitals

Since I was fortunate, or unfortunate enough given your team allegiance, I was able to score a ticket to the Rangers and Caps game so I will do a review of that instead of looking at all the goalies in the league. It was a sad night for Rangers fans... A really sad night. This game was taken put of the hands of the goalies due to the Caps defensive performance. Instead, the Caps controlled the momentum throughout the game and kept most of the Ranger's shots to the outside. Without getting a goal, New York could not get anything going. Lundqvist played solid in general, but the first two goals proved to be too much. Both were passes across the ice where he had to move laterally across his whole crease-- the best shot to take if you are the Caps. It also didn't look like Lundqvist's best night (in terms of his rebounds and general control). He ended up on his back a few times, kind of like he was leaning away from the puck. It was that exaggerated, but I think it was still there. He is usually leaning towards the puck on all shots even the lateral shots where he keeps good body balances and stays on his knees (instead of falling over).

Varlamov in his second NHL start was impressive again. He was aggressive, stayed focused and made a few big saves. I loved how he played at the top of his crease all night long and stood his ground. I hope Theodore is taking notes: he used to play like this. Throughout the whole night, my deciding factor whether Varlamov would make it or break it was if the New York fans would get to him. When he stood there and took Avery's jab, I think he told everyone he wasn't going anywhere. I am beginning to agree.