No Red Lights: Hockey: The Low Down: [4/25] NHL Playoff Goalie Match Ups - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

The Low Down: [4/25] NHL Playoff Goalie Match Ups

Biron (PHL) vs. Fleury (PIT) [3pm]
With their backs against the wall again, I expect Philly to fight back just as hard. Biron must be just as good today to help lift his team. Philly is capable of generating the firepower necessary to break Fleury, but he has been good this series. Maybe a bit streaky but still good. He has been pulling off the big saves too, which must give him the confidence to be consistent.

Khabibulin (CHI) vs. Kiprusoff (CGY) [9pm]
I think overall this is the best series of the first round. With the goalie rematch from the 2005 playoff finals, maybe they're feeling like there is a bit more on the line... like Pride. I was not expecting the high scoring games in this series, but I do think there will be a game with at least one OT.

Nabakov (SJ) vs Hiller (ANA) [10pm]
I think San Jose is done. Nabakov has been a bit disappointing in the series. You could argue that he played too many games this season or has been injured too much. But maybe it's just an old fashioned playoff curse. Give it up to Hiller though. For his first playoff series, he has shown the same consistency and focus as he did throughout the season. Perhaps his inconsistent game time during the regular season gave him the opportunity to practice staying focused??