No Red Lights: Hockey: The Low Down: [4/25] NHL Playoff Goalie Match Ups - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

The Low Down: [4/25] NHL Playoff Goalie Match Ups

Lundqvist (NYR) vs. Varlamov (WAS) [7pm]
This is it. The Rangers could upset, which would probably be the most exciting and unexpected performances by the Rangers since '94. I expect to see another big showdown between Lundqvist and Varlamov (also another unexpected and thrilling match up). I am interested to see how Varlamov responds to his second playoff loss and his first elimination game. He responded to his last loss with a shutout; is he capable of another one? It may be the only way to beat the impenetrable Lundqvist. The man has been stellar for the Rangers, and I don't think we should expect anything less.  With the margin for error so small, I would not be surprised to see an OT thriller for game 5. There haven't been that many OTs so far this playoff season, and I think we're due.


Even though the Rangers v. Caps game is the only game tonight, there is still plenty to talk about from last night. I'm not sure what was more unexpected: both goalies make 40+ saves in the Devils/'Canes shooting spree (and to have one goalie come away with the shutout!); Biron's 180 degree turn produces a shutout; or Steve Mason's 180 degree turn in his stats (from a regular season 2.28 GAA/91.6% to 4.26 GAA/87.8%).

And the winner (in my opinion) is.... (drumroll)... Martin Biron! He's been in a decent slump lately, and I wasn't expecting this kind of fight from him. While I know he's an extremely capable goalie and has had flashes of great play this year, Pittsburg's firepower was seemingly too much for Biron. I guess the fear of elimination can make a goalie end their slump.  Although this cannot be said for Steve Mason. I would have like to see him become a darling of the playoffs, which would solidify his solid regular season play as being extremely legitimate. I think for next season he will definitely have to make another strong impression to stake his claim as one of the premier netminders in the league and not just a one-hit-wonder.  And for the other match-up, that was just not a shocker.  Both Ward and Brodeur are capable of stealing playoff games; the 40+ shots were just extra icing on this cupcake of a series.