No Red Lights: Hockey: Honestly Team Canada, Honestly?!? - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Honestly Team Canada, Honestly?!?

[This is best read with a fair amount of sarcasm and in the tone of SNL: Weekend Update.]

Canada, did you honestly believe that running up the score against poor defenseless (figuratively and apparently) Slovakia was actually a good idea?  I mean, come on. Everyone knows that they weren't going to the medal rounds, but did you really have to embarrass them like that?  It's kind of like inviting your 5 year-younger sister to play football in the snow and then whitewash her in celebration as her friends watch from the sidelines and your parents shake their head, questioning themselves, "where did we go wrong?" I mean honestly, have you ever heard of the words "honorable victory"?!? That would be when you stop scoring short-handed goals when you're up by 10 goals in the middle of the second period.

And sure. It is the Olympic games; where the goal is to flex your athletic prowness, so I understand the wanting to "[play] just like [you] would against anybody else" (quote from the obviously fearless Team Canada Captain). But don't end the sentance with: "We did a good job with that."  Really, you want to pat yourselves on the back for that? Yeah, we saw that; the whole world saw that, so thanks for the reminder. Just a little humility would be nice.

And honestly, don't follow up that statement by trying to play the victim card. Honestly, saying that "it was a tough game to play, no matter what side you are on" is BS.  Yeah, it as sooooo hard to not score; poor Team Canada. I don't think you're going to get much sympathy from your teammate -- the only Team Canada player to not get a point in the game -- That must make your teammate feel reaaaaaal good. Good job with that captain.

And lastly, honestly Team Canada, if you want there to be another Olympics with Women's Hockey, don't run up the score. The world needs parity in women's hockey, not a squirt-level thrashing.

Disclaimer: I truly have nothing against Canadians, just their hockey ethics. 
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