No Red Lights: Hockey: Three Reasons Why: Rangers/Senators - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Three Reasons Why: Rangers/Senators

It's been a while, but when's a better time to write than two game 7's.

Three reasons why the Rangers will lose tonight:

1. Goal scoring. Over the last few seasons, goal scoring has always been the monkey on the Ranger's back. They found ways this season through some good streaks but when it was bad, it was awful. There is a reliance on their top guys (after, NYC loves it's stars), but they've been pretty non-existent. 
2. No character. The playoffs are all about guts, determination and team-work. Sometimes it's one guy who sparks and unites the whole team or a few who carry the whole team on their backs. Unfortunately for New York, the guy who was doing it (Brian Boyle) was brained by a cheap hit. Without that character and grit, it will be a tough battle for New York.
3. Brad Richards. While he hasn't had a bad series, i'm not sure that he's been $8 Million good. He has the playoff pedigree to be that spark but just has not gotten it going this series. Bottom line: big money men need to be worth the money.

Three and half reasons why the Senators will lose tonight:
1. Craig Anderson can't keep it up. Super human status is hard to maintain. And not just that - it's hard to be lucky for so long because there is a degree of hockey that is determined by the hockey Gods.  
2. Penalties. Letting the Rangers have the extra time to setup and see shots can only hurt the Senators even if they are good on the PK. Besides the momentumm swings that occur from being a man down, it drains your best players. Even though Karlsson may not necessarily play bad after beinng on the kill, it could possibly be affecting his play amongst other things. 
3. Their defense does not contribute to the offense. Ottawa's diverse offensive threats need to come out of the gate hungry. This is what made them a surprising contender this year, but they need to continue this in order to make Lundqvist stop a first shot and then worry about rebounds. 
3.5 The road finally proves too much for them. Although this is contingent on the New York fans showing up on a Thursday night and being a proper playoff crowd. Sorry, New York - but in the playoffs, no one should sit down and chanting throughout the whole game is required