No Red Lights: Hockey: NHL Saves of the Week - Dec. 8th - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

NHL Saves of the Week - Dec. 8th

In a beta-like experimentation, I will attempt to do video analysis of NHL goalies on a frequent basis. To follow the analysis, search for the NHL goalie save which corresponds to the analysis:

1. Backstrom. Notice that when he moves across his crease, he does not back into his net, but stays at the top of the crease. There is a tendency to go to the post and to back up in your crease as you move across. Sometimes it is good to move to the post, but in this situation, it was best for Backstrom to stand his ground and maintain his good angles. He does this because the shooter is in front of him (and quite far in front of him. He's around the top of the circle).

If the shooter was behind the goalie, so that Backstrom had to move in a back-diagonal movement, then he would go back to the post. We will see this in later saves on the video clip.

... more analysis to come!!