No Red Lights: Hockey: Second Half Predictions - Goalie News And Instruction By Roxanne Gaudiel

Second Half Predictions

The first half of the NHL season has had it's share of surprises: Brodeur has been anything but the best goalie of all time, the Rangers are second in the East, Chicago has solid goaltending in Crawford and Tim Thomas is dominating everyone in GAA (only a shocker because of the emergence of Rask last season). There have also been some not-so-surprising events: Philly still doesn't have a clear cut starting goalie, Vokoun continues to steal games for Florida and DiPietro was injured for much of the season.

For the second part of the season, I offer some additional predictions:

1) Brodeur will quietly regain some of his form in Lemaire's trap game and will then retire (unless he suddenly catches the Farve syndrome).
2) Nabokov stops pouting and plays for the Islanders, who still lose games.
3) The Red Wings no longer need the services of Nabokov as Jimmy Howard is scared straight and wants to regains form to save his starting spot.
4) The Caps remember that they have three of the deadliest offensive weapons in the league, and they start winning games regardless of who's in net.

So maybe not the boldest of predictions, but definitely up for debate.